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I am taking admission in Engineering college because my parents want me to become a Computer Science Engineer...

I am preparing for Chartered Accountancy exams, because my friends are also planning to do the same and I wish to join them in studies ...

I will pursue M.B.B.S. studies as my sister is also a doctor, and thus we think that we both can work and setup our clinic together ...

I am doing MBA because this is the most popular course today, and since everyone is pursuing it, I am also going to pursue the same course ...

I scored 94% marks in my 10th board exams and I will take up Science in 11th, because my relatives suggested me to take Science as I am good in studies...


These are answers that you get from students when you ask them the REASON FOR SELECTING A PARTICULAR CAREER or COURSE. Few years later, many of these students either find it difficult to complete their course work or dislike their job role and shift careers as they are not satisfied with their work.

Majority of the students make a career decision by following what their parents, siblings, relatives or friends say. Students fall in the trap of following the HERD MENTALITY of taking the most popular careers without understanding whether that career is right fit for them.

Today with so many career options available, deciding your Career can be a herculean task. And students normally have to make this decision at an early age (Class 10th or Class 12th), when they don’t even have a clue about all the careers that exist.

What is Career Counselling?
  • Career Counselling is the process which helps you understand what you are good at; helps you set your career goals; and assists you in deciding the correct suitable career path.
  • Career Counselling consists of Career Exploration and Career Planning.
  • Career Nurturer’s experienced and professional Career Counsellor – Mr. Farzad Minoo Damania will assist you in the process of career guidance and will help you find your true calling.

Who needs Career Counselling?
  • Students/Parents have a WRONG MYTH that only those students who are studying in class 10th need Career Counselling and Guidance to decide between science, commerce, and art streams for college. But THIS IS NOT TRUE.
  • Career Guidance and Counselling can be sought by anyone who wants to work on his/her career goals, select the right career stream, and look for career growth.
  • The following can benefit from undergoing career counselling and career guidance:
    • School Students (Class 8th): To decide subjects for class 9th in ICSE and IGCSE boards.
    • School Students (Class 9th and Class 10th): To decide on your stream after 10th - Science, Commerce or Humanities/Arts.
    • Junior College Students (Class 11th and Class 12th): To decide which course/career to opt after 12th for graduation studies.
    • Students pursuing Graduation: To decide which specialization to pursue after gradation studies.
    • Graduates and Freshers: To evaluate their career goals and future career growth prospects.
  • Thus if you are a school student, college student, college graduate or fresher; you can always take assistance of Career Nurturer’s Career Counselling process for goal setting and selecting your RIGHT CAREER PATH.

How is Career Counselling conducted at Career Nurturer?

Career Counsellors

  • Career Exploration and Career Planning process involves exploring your abilities and interests, setting your career goals, and creating action plans to achieve those goals.
  • Career Exploration:
    • Career Nurturer helps you explore all the available careers by providing detailed information about the careers available.
    • Also, detailed Psychometric Assessment Tests are conducted to assess your abilities. This helps you decide on your career path.
  • Career Planning and Goal Setting:
    • Once you have decided your career path, the counselling process guides you about how to go through the entire process by proper career planning, goal setting and developing your overall personality.

What are the benefits of Career Counselling at Career Nurturer?
  • Learn more about yourself:
    • During the career counselling process we make you undergo scientifically  developed aptitude and psychometric assessments that help you understand yourself in terms of your abilities, interests, personality traits, motivation, emotional intelligence, transferrable skills.
    • This Self Assessment process helps in understanding what careers will suit you according to your test results.
  • Learn about all career options:
    • Our career counsellor will provide you information about various career options.
    • While discussing each career, the counsellor will guide you about the job roles and responsibilities, courses, specializations, entrance exams, certifications, job avenues, skills required, and future scope of those fields.
    • Detailed career maps of all the careers will be discussed.
    • The counsellor will discuss the pros and cons of all career fields, and help you understand which of these careers will suit you according to your aptitude and abilities.
  • Learn about career planning and goal setting:
    • Our career counsellor will guide you about how to develop and implement a plan of action towards your career path.
    • The counsellor will assist you in goal setting and also provide guidance on dealing with issues like coping with anxiety and exam stress, lack of confidence, dealing with failures and disappointments, and ways to overcome them.

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