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Offbeat Career - Chocolatier

A Chocolatier is an expert who uses his/her wide knowledge of flavour, texture, history and other aspects of chocolates to create delicious and mouth-watering confectioneries, deserts, cakes, candies and sweets out of chocolate and other related products.

Chocolatier –  A Chef or An Artist?
Chocolatier is a type of an expert chef who specializes in chocolate and can create a wide variety of appetizing, tempting and delicious chocolates.  Chocolatier is an artist who uses his creativity in preparing and creating chocolates that are appealing, tasty and enticing.  

Chocolatier and Chocolate Maker – Are they same?
Chocolatier and Chocolate Maker are not the same. Chocolate Maker is the one who manufactures chocolate bars and powders from dried cocoa beans. Whereas, the Chocolatier takes these processed chocolates, and by using creative and artistic ability combines them  along with other ingredients, to create delicious and appealing confectioneries, candies and deserts.

Traits of a Chocolatier:

  • Ability to work under and follow directions from a Master Chocolatier
  • Good sense of measurement and cooking duration
  • An open mind
  • Knowledge regarding flavour, moulding, tempering, sculpting and  texture
  • Ability to innovate by creating different tastes and flavours
  • Creative imagination and artistic ability
  • Business acumen to create profitable business out of chocolates
  • Lots of patience, commitment, eye for detail and manual efficiency
  • Understanding factors that affect the outcome of the product such as humidity, temperature etc
  • Knowing and identify the market and their requirements to expand business
  • Basic marketing and public relation skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines during peak seasons

Courses for Chocolatier:
Specialized courses in chocolate making and marketing are provided by very few institutes in India. Chocolatier courses generally cover the following topics in detail:
  • History of chocolates
  • Flavours and textures of chocolates
  • Cultivation and processing techniques of cacao beans and cocoa butter
  • Techniques used in preparing chocolates such as tempering, decorating, moulding, dipping
  • Various cultivation and processing techniques of cacao beans and cocoa butter
Few Institutes offering courses in chocolate making are:
  • Chocolate Academy, Mumbai
  • Barry Callebaut India Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Craft and Social Development Organization, New Delhi
  • Swisswrap Chocolate Academy, Mumbai
  • MAPP – Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals, New Delhi
  • Niral Business Institute, Mumbai

Job Avenues:
Chocolatier is a career that can be started as a hobby, which could later turn out to be  a very lucrative profession or business. Chocolatier can become an entrepreneur, by tying up with corporate houses, florists, bakeries, and gift shops to market their products. Few job avenues are:
  • Chocolate manufacturing companies
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Banquets
  • Cake and Pastry Shops
  • Culinary Arts Designing Companies
  • Gift Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Resorts
  • Starting Independent Business
  • Starting own Culinary School

  • Starting salary: Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000
  • With experience: Rs. 20000 to Rs. 40000
  • Better pay scale abroad
Farzad Minoo Damania
Counsellor & Trainer

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