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Career Planning - What? Why? Who? When? How? - Article by Farzad Minoo Damania in Parsi Times Newspaper

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Check out my article on Parsi Times Newspaper dated 5th January 2013, on Career Planning - What? Why? Who? When? How?.

Article Title: Career Planning - What? Why? Who? When? How?
Article Date: 5th January, 2013
Article on: Parsi Times Newspaper
Article Author: Farzad Minoo Damania

You can read the full transcript of the article below:

Planning your career can be an arduous and challenging process. Here’s a complete low down on Career Planning.

What is Career Planning?
Career Planning is a lifelong, continuous and an ongoing process.  It consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your ambition and career goals. This process can help you develop the skills required to achieve your short and long term objectives.  Career Planning assists in outlining what kind of job you would like to do. It involves exploring your abilities and interests, strategically planning your career aspirations, and creating action plans to achieve your goals.

Why is Career Planning required?
Imagine that you are a novice driver, and you have to travel by car alone from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. You start from Mumbai all charged up. While driving you take a wrong turn and reach Pune instead. Now that you realize that you are on the wrong travel path, you make a correction and finally reach Ahmedabad. You have reached your destination, but at the cost of your time, effort and money. Similarly, while choosing a career or a college course, it is extremely critical to know if it is right for you, and that you are on the right career path. Pursuing graduate and post graduate courses in India has become expensive. Also, students have a herd-mentality of taking courses according to what their friends are pursuing. Make a wise decision by understanding what is right for you.

Who should undergo Career Planning?
It is a common myth that Career Planning is only for those who are in their 10th standard for deciding whether to select Arts, Science or Commerce stream. This is not true. Career planning is a lifelong process of self awareness, self discovery and self accomplishment of one’s goals and ambitions. Hence there is no age limit to this process. Thus, school students, college students, college graduates, and working professionals looking for career growth or career change can undergo this process. 

When should I go for Career Planning?
Career planning can take place at any time in your life. It is a cyclical process, and it often repeats itself with new career dreams and ambitions. If you are studying in school or college, then this would be the perfect time for you to undertake Career Planning. This will assist you in exploring your qualities and abilities, and help you decide your right career field. Working professionals who want to make a career switch or career transition, or who feel stagnated in their career growth should also execute this process.

How should I go for Career Planning?
Follow these six simple steps for career planning.
Step #1 – Know Yourself: Begin by a self-assessment. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, abilities, and aptitude. You may undergo aptitude and psychometric assessment tests that help in evaluating your personality traits, aptitude, intelligence quotient (IQ), interests, motivation factors, skills and emotional intelligence. Take guidance from a Career Counsellor, who can help you understand which career field will be best suitable for you based on your assessment test results.

Step #2: Explore Careers: When it comes to pursuing a career, students only think of engineering, medicine, information technology, accounts and finance as their options. But there are several other career options that one can pursue to build a successful career. Explore all your available options and understand if working in that career interests you.

Step #3: Research Careers: Once you shortlist your career options, undergo a detailed research on them. Try to understand what that career offers. You should find answers to the following question while researching a particular career. What will be my day-to-day activities at work?, Do I have the qualities required to work in this field?, What courses I need to study?, What are my job avenues?,  How much will I earn?.

Step #4: Talk to Industry Experts: Talk to industry experts who are already working in that field. The more you talk to related experienced industry people, the better your career decision will be. Ask them about their likes and dislikes about that career and ways to get into that field.

Step #5: Decide on a Career: Once you have completed your extensive research, narrow down your options, and decide on the career choice. By this stage, you should have an idea of what you need to do next for achieving your goals.

Step #6: Take Necessary Action: Develop an action plan and take necessary steps to achieve your goal. If required, pursue training or higher studies for that particular profession. Develop a job strategy, create a resume, and prepare for your job interview. 

Thus, career planning gives you the power to make your own decisions and create your own career path. Best Wishes on your Career Journey!!!

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