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Career in Food Technology and Food Processing - by Farzad Damania [Career Counsellor in Mumbai]

Career Guidance in Food Technology
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Farzad Minoo Damania – Career Counsellor and Founder – Career Nurturer provides insights into the field of Food Technology and Food Processing in India.

Check out the newspaper article publication in Parsi Times Newspaper dated 4th January 2014, on the topic: Career in Food Technology - “Be a Food Techie!”

Article Title: Be a Food Techie!
Article Date: 4th Januaryr, 2014
Article on: Parsi Times Newspaper
Article Author: Farzad Minoo Damania (Career Counsellor - Mumbai)

You can read the entire transcript of the article below:

P.T. Contributor Farzad Minoo Damania tells you how to take your love for food to a rather technical level!
In today’s age of hustle and bustle, our grocery shopping carts are normally filled with ready to eat food packets, two minute instant noodles, granola bars, flavoured dahi, and canned fruit juices. Also, those who are diet and health conscious are always hunting for nutritious, enriched and fortified food products. Would you like to get into a career field that deals with manufacturing, processing, preservation and packaging of these food products? If you find food as a fascinating subject to study; then you may consider a career in food technology and food processing.

What is this field about?
Food technology is not a new concept. It has been practised since many decades. You might have heard about Louis Pasteur – who introduced the concept of pasteurization in the 18th century to prevent the spoilage of wine and milk.  Food technology uses the concepts of chemistry, nutrition, microbiology and engineering to produce food articles that are edible, long lasting and supplemented with nutrients.

What will be your day-to-day activities at work?
As a food technologist or food scientist, you will have to research on improving methods of preservation, storage, packaging and distribution of food products. You need to inspect and develop standards for food quality, safety and sanitary regulations throughout the production process. Also during product development, you will work closely with engineers, plant operators, marketing experts, and flavour experts to solve problems arising in the product development cycle.

What you need to study?
You need to pass your 12th in science with physics, chemistry, biology and maths as subjects. You may then take the engineering path or the basic sciences path. You may pursue B.Tech. in Food Technology, or B.Sc. in Basic or Applied Sciences (such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, or Food Sciences). This can be followed by M.Sc. in Food Technology and Food Science. Some of the colleges offering these courses are CFTRI – Mysore, UDCT – Mumbai, IIT – Khargapur, and Amity University – Noida. Entrance exams may be applicable for both undergraduate and post-graduate course admissions.

Do you have these qualities?
Some of the personality traits required to excel in the field of food technology are – inclination to research, scientific mindset, interest in learning about technological developments, good problem solving ability, observation power and accuracy.  Also you need to possess ability to work independently and also be a good team player.

What are your Job Avenues?
Food technology is considered as a sunrise sector in India. Our country is a major producer of grains, milk, vegetables and fruits; and we need food technologists to help overcome post-harvest losses and bring about new developments in food processing and preservation industry. So there won’t be dearth of job opportunities in the field of food technology.  Since awareness of this career is low, competition is not intense. You may find employment in food research laboratories, quality control departments, food processing companies, dairy industries, packaging units, hotels, catering and bakery departments, soft drink factories, distilleries, rice mills, and hospitals.

How much will you earn?
Students after completing their M.Sc. in Food Sciences may start with a salary of Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh. You could be working in different sections such as quality assurance, packaging and labelling, product evaluation, market research, laboratory supervision, food safety auditing, and product development.

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