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Career as Forensic Scientist – Article by Farzad Minoo Damania in Afternoon DC Newspaper

Farzad Minoo Damania – Career Counsellor and Founder – Career Nurturer provides insights into the career in Forensic Sciences.

Check out the newspaper article publication in Afternoon DC Newspaper dated 22nd January 2014, on the topic: Career in Forensic Sciences - “Cracking the Crime Code”

Article Title: Cracking the Crime Code – Career in Forensic Sciences
Article Date: 22nd January, 2014
Article on: Afternoon DC Newspaper
Article Author: Farzad Minoo Damania (Career Counsellor - Mumbai)

Career Counselling Mumbai - Forensic Sciences
Career Counselling - Forensic Sciences

You can read the entire transcript of the article below:

Do you enjoy reading crime novels on Sherlock Homes and Miss Marple? Or watching crime drama TV shows like CID, Crime Patrol, and CSI? Are you fascinated by the way they solve various crime puzzles from things like hair, autopsies, body tissues, nails, and foot prints? How about you being one of these crime solving forensic experts?

Here’s a complete low down on what the career in forensic sciences is actually like.

About the author:
Farzad Minoo Damania is a Career Counsellor at Career Nurturer

What is Forensic Science?
Forensic Science is the application of principles of science and technology for investigation of crime. As a forensic scientist you will either investigate crimes by collecting and analysing physical evidence found at the crime site; or perform laboratory analysis using scientific and technical methods to identify and classify evidence. You will be meeting various experts (fingerprint, handwriting, medical, chemical, ballistics) to discuss and interpret your findings. You might be reconstructing the entire crime scene to figure out how pieces of evidence are related. You will then write and present your findings, and if required testify in trails and hearings in court.

Is this the career for you?
Since you are playing an investigative role, you need to have good observation skills, an eye for minute details, deep thinking, intellectual curiosity, strong problem solving ability, and aptitude for scientific analysis.  You will be working either in a laboratory or at the crime scene – thus you should be willing to work odd and long hours. You should possess good team spirit to work closely with other experts from fields of psychology, social work, law, sociology and statistics. Mental strength, handling emotional distress, dedication and personal integrity are some other traits necessary for working in this field.  You need to be emotionally mature and should have a strong stomach  as some crime scenes can be very unpleasant, also giving verification in court can be stressful. So this career is not for the faint hearted.

What to study?
There are several career paths available for pursuing a career in forensic sciences. If you want to be a forensic scientist then you may consider B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences or Physical or Biological Sciences and then pursue M.Sc. in Forensic Sciences. To become a forensic pathologist, you first pursue your M.B.B.S. and then follow up with an M.D. in Forensic Medicine.  Those who are interested in pursuing criminology as a career option, can pursue graduation in arts or science, and then pursue M.A. /M.Sc. in criminology. Entrance exams may be applicable for admission to the graduate and post-graduate courses.

Where to study?
Some of the universities offering courses in forensic sciences and criminology are Amity University – Noida, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University – Sagar, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University – Gandhinagar, LNJN National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science – Delhi, Punjabi University – Patiala, University of Mysore – Mysore, and Panjab University – Chandigarh.

What are your job roles?
Depending on your coursework, you may work in one of the following areas. Crime scene investigation, forensic psychology, forensic serology, forensic pathology (post-mortem), forensic medicine, forensic anthropology, handwriting analysis, forensic toxicology, and forensic odontology (dentistry), forensic reconstruction, and crime laboratory analysis are some of the job roles in this field.

Where can you find job?
Government Agencies such as Central Bureau of Investigation, Forensic Laboratories, Documentation Examination Laboratories, National Human Rights Commission, Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence Bureau, Narcotics Department, Forest and Wildlife Departments, and Police Departments are the main recruiters in this field. You may also find employment in private detective agencies, NGOs, juvenile shelters, banks and insurance firms, judiciary and courts, rehabilitation centres, and universities.

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