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Summer Vacation Courses and Activities For Kids - Article by Farzad Minoo Damania [Parsi Times Weekly Newspaper]

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Short Term Courses During Summer Vacation for Students

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Check out my article publication in Parsi Times Newspaper dated 6th April 2013, explaining several Summer Vacation Short Term Courses for Kids, Students and Graduates.

Article Title: Summer Vacation Activities for Your Kids
 Article Date: 6th April, 2013
Article on: Parsi Times Newspaper
Article Author: Farzad Minoo Damania

short term summer courses for children
Summer Vacation Courses for Students

You can read the entire transcript of the article below:

Exams season is coming to an end. Summer vacations have begun and students have ample time during these few months to enjoy their vacation by indulging into their favorite outdoor sport, playing video games, or going for a holiday trip. Along with these activities students could still do something wherein they can hone their existing skills or develop a new one.

Parents can play an important role in understanding what their children would be interested in, and accordingly plan their summer vacation. Here are some tips that can come handy for your children this summer.

Sports: Children enjoy outdoor sports such as cricket, football or tennis. Why not give them a chance to improve their sporting talent by enrolling with a professional sports coaching academy. This will not only groom their talent in that particular sport, but also help in keeping them active and fit during the summer vacation. Children can also consider learning swimming, karate, judo, yoga, and martial arts.

Performing Arts: There are several organizations that run summer training courses in the field of performing arts. Your kids could register for short term courses in acting, dramatics, dance (western and Indian), musical instruments (piano, violin, guitar) and sound recording.

Computer Programming and IT: Various institutes provide courses in computer programming. Your children could learn one or more computer programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and Visual Basic. Those who dislike programming can consider training courses in computer hardware, networking and database management.

Crafts and Art: Children learn craft and drawing skills during their tenure in school. If they are keen to learn more, then they can consider courses in painting, drawing, pottery, decoration, and designing. Students can also consider learning the art of photography by enrolling for a basic or advance course in photography.

Foreign Language: Learning a foreign language can be interesting and fun. Short term language courses in Japanese, German, French, and Spanish are available. Also, you can consider course in creative writing.

Memory Development: Children who dislike mathematics, or have problem in remembering concepts, a memory development course could be a good starting point. Courses in Vedic Mathematics and Abacus can help in improving their mathematical ability. There are other memory development courses that aid in fast reading and easy memorizing.

Personality Development: If your child is not very comfortable in communication or public speaking, then a short term course in public speaking and communication can be advantageous. Also undergoing a personality development course can help your child overcome shyness, gain confidence and develop positive self esteem.

Computer Skills and Animation: Kids are well versed with using a computer or laptop. You can train them further in courses such as Microsoft Office (Word, Power point, Excel), Tally, Animation, Website designing, HTML, Flash, Photoshop and Coral Draw.

Career Counseling: If your child is unsure what career to select, then before the exam results are declared, it would be wise to visit a career counselor and assess your child’s abilities by undergoing an aptitude or psychometric test; so that they can select their right career path for a brighter future.

Summer Camps: Enroll your kids in summer camp programs that are conducted by several organizations and associations in various parts of the country. Your child will be exposed to an overall development by indulging in learning, writing and other recreational activities.
Let’s give your children an opportunity to enjoy their summer vacation and simultaneously learn something new in a fun and enjoyable manner. Good Luck!

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