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Study Skills - Improving Concentration [Article by Farzad Minoo Damania, Career Counsellor in Mumbai]

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Check out my article publication in Parsi Times Newspaper dated 12th October 2013, on Study Skills – Improving Concentration

Article Title: Study Skills – Improving Concentration
Article Date: 12th October, 2013
Article on: Parsi Times Newspaper
Article Author: Farzad Minoo Damania

Tips on improving concentration by career counsellor mumbai
Tips for Improving Concentration for students - by Farzad Minoo Damania, Career Counsellor, Career Nurturer

You can read the entire transcript of the article below:
Many parents complain that their child does not concentrate while studying. This is a common problem that students face during their academic career. Staying focused while studying can be a challenge for students.

But you can definitely take control, make some changes in your environment and behavior; and thus develop good concentration ability by following these pointers:

Find proper study environment: Select an appropriate environment for studies – i.e. a quiet area (preferably a private room) which is free from distractions. Get a dedicated space, table, chair and lighting. Some people like music in the background, that is okay; but don’t make it into a distraction. Do not study by lying down on a bed or an overly comfortable chair.  Sit up straight to facilitate concentration rather than sprawled out in a similar-to-sleep position.

Identify best time for studying: Find out what works for you – Early morning study or night study sessions.  Choose a time when you're at the height of your brain power and the least tired. Plan your schedule accordingly and implement it.

Take necessary breaks: When you are studying, it is advisable to take regular short breaks. For example, some students find it better to study for an hour and then relax for 10 minutes. This helps you concentrate for longer duration of time. But remember; do not let a short break get out of hand.

Keep distractions away: Keep away from cell phones, watching TV, peeping outside the window while studying. No internet browsing or chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook while studies. 

Use the Five More Rule: While studying or reading, if you are tempted to give up; then use the Five More Rule; i.e. you need to push yourself past the point of frustration. So when you are about to give up, push yourself to read Five more pages, solve Five more mathematics problems, study for Five more minutes. This will help in improving mental stamina and increase your concentration and attention span.

Develop Positive Attitude: Always have deterministic and positive attitude towards your studies. Do not let your own acts or thoughts get in the way of your concentration. Have determination to finish what you have started. Also do not compare your style of studies with your friends or peers as it can result in creating a low self esteem.

Start studies well in advance: Instead of cramming everything into your head the night before the exam, start your studies well ahead in time so that you don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.

Avoid multitasking: Many experts consider multitasking as a skill, but as a student if you are having trouble focusing on a topic, multitasking will only aggravate your problem. So instead of overwhelming and stressing yourself, focus on one topic or subject at a time. This will increase your efficiency and productivity.

Prioritize your tasks: This is a very important activity that most students ignore. If you plan and prioritize your tasks and make a to-do-list of most important and difficult topics listed first, then it will help you focus on your studies.

Make studying an active process: It would be good idea to intersperse different types of study methods in one session, i.e. reading, writing, note taking, memorizing etc.

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